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Celebrities Mobile Boutique

Nneka Green-Ingram’s Celebrities Mobile Boutique parked off of 125th Street in Harlem was a hit from the day she opened back in 2012. She is the CEO, owner, makeup artist, fashion stylist, and driver of the fashion truck, When I spoke to her, she told me she used to be an MTA driver so had her commercial drivers license, which allows her to drive her truck all over the country! Green-Ingram and her team park their truck in different locations and sells everything from clothing, accessories, to handbags.  Not only does she fully operate her own mobile boutique, she is also a clothing designer as well. 


I asked her who her favorite designer was. "I am my favorite designer. I carry my own skirt line and will be coming out with a dress line to sell in my truck this fall!."


"My customers range around the ages of 18-40. They are statement people. They love statement pieces , which are the items I mainly have in my store. I buy from all different vendors and many up and coming local designers."


"The truck was a hit from the beginning. I was even surprised myself. My truck gained a lot of attention really quickly. Forbes, Wall Street Journal, NY Daily News, you name it, they were all interested in me!  We are doing well. We have our good days and our bad days just like anyone in retail. We pick up during the holidays and have some slower months. But I am happy with where we are at right now."


"My personal style? It depends on each day and my mood. One day it can be Diana Ross and I’ll throw a wig on and the next day it can be Caucasian straight. It all depends!"

(Words: Sophia Yu)

(Images: Brian Keizer)


Inspiration Lego


Why, Hello. You can count on NYFW (NY Fashion Week) to bring out all fabulous men & women. Spotted this cute lego inspired briefcase carried by stylist, Desmond Handon (he had on a matching lego inspired bowtie as well!) See below.


Jamal & Desmund, celebrity fashion stylists workin’ it! 

Check out Desmund’s Instagram page here

(Sophia Yu)

TBT:  Happy Birthday, Luda!

Hair Style

Tell me about your shirt.

"This is my take on the Air Jordan tee. I call it Hair Jordan.

Why hair as a design element?

I’m into Afro Punk, I’m a little rocked out, and I’m part of Ghetto Goth and that whole little underground scene, it was only right.

Bobby West, menswear designer and co-creator of the clothing line Bobby Day NYC (

(Julia Chance)

NY, I Love You


Something about the calm, dark sky right before it rains is beautiful & soothing. 

(Sophia Yu)